TBC Properties philosophy is designed to maximize cash-on-cash returns for our investors. 

Our portfolio focuses on the inherent advantages residential multifamily assets offer compared to other asset classes. Residential multifamily properties combine the benefits of single-family residences (SFR) and apartment buildings. For example, investors receive the same benefit of diversified (across multiple rental units) rental income realized with apartment buildings with lower operating expenses and less risk. 


We evaluate each investment opportunity using the following criteria:

Demand Inflation Potential

TBC Properties utilizes demographics due diligence to identify urban centers throughout the United States that we believe to be poised for above average demand. Our analytical process seeks to identify neighborhoods that are on the frontier of gentrification.

Forced Appreciation Potential

We define this as our ability to dictate equity appreciation by implementing value-add changes to an asset.Our Team looks to identify opportunities where the value-add potential is predominantly reliant on forced appreciation.